Millions of people around the world have problems with hair loss or hair growth. This may be hereditary or due to other factors that are ignored or not taken into account by those affected. Find out what causes hair loss or slow hair growth and how to use ginger to stimulate hair growth.  

Causes for baldness, hair loss or slow hair growth

     - Natural ageing: with age, hair changes colour, loses its strength and rigidity and falls out more easily.
     - Poor lifestyle: Hair, like your body, loses its strength and vitality when it is not maintained.
     - Constant stress: Stress leads some people to literally pull out their hair, and causes eating and sleeping disorders... these physical impacts lead to hair loss preventing hair growth or hair follicles.
     - Genetics, heredity: More frequent in men, baldness is very often hereditary due to an excess of male hormones.
     - Lifestyle: smoking and dietary deficiencies (vitamin B) tend to affect hair growth.
     - Some medications and medical treatments.
     - Trauma to the scalp: regular use of heated tools (hair straightener, heated helmet, heated comb...)

Many people don't know it, but poor blood flow or exchange in the hair bulb can slow down hair growth. Indeed, it is the blood flow that brings all the necessary nutrients (keratin) to hair growth and also prevents hair loss. Discover the properties of ginger in hair growth.

How to increase blood flow? 

Ginger is a spice in the rhizome that originates from India and belongs to the Zingiberaceae family.

When applied to the scalp, ginger has a slightly irritating and warming action, causing a reaction in the hair bulb that will increase blood flow and exchange.

The use of ginger to stimulate hair growth is an ancient tradition, revealed to the world today through products such as 7 Days Hair Growth Essence.

Ginger is an irritant, so the preparation of a ginger solution must be very meticulous. 7 Days is a concentrate of natural ginger ingredients in a controlled dose to avoid excessive irritation of the scalp, especially for people with sensitive skin.

The feedback and customer reviews are very positive with visible results in just 7 days. We are talking about a growth of 2 cm in 2 weeks, against an average of 1 cm per month usually. To apply the ginger juice to the scalp, it is recommended to use a pipette for a precise application.

The 7 Days essence is recommended for all hair types (brittle, frizzy, dull and tired) to have long, shiny and healthy hair.