Our shop ''Cheveux secs'' offers hair care products for dry and/or damaged hair of all types: curly, frizzy, straightened...

The 7 Days product currently offered on our site is made from natural ingredients which are: extract of old ginger, vitamin E & B, Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum angelica, black sesame, ginkgo, water.

It thus has many virtues allowing among other things to : 

✅ Promote hair growth

✅ Prevent hair loss

✅ Increase hair strength and shine

There is only one secret to growing your hair: Take care of it and nourish it, but nourish it well.

7 Days by its liquid nature softens your hair and restores shine, volume and length.

7 Days is suitable for a hair routine and is easy to carry on your travels. If you are looking for a product to combat hair loss or damaged hair, we recommend you try 7 Days and see the results for yourself!

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we are completely transparent about the composition of our products.